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New Book from SORG

We are excited to announce the publication of the book “Mechanical Simulation with MATLAB“, in Springer by Dan B. Marghitu, Hamid Ghaednia, and Jing Zhao.

This book deals with the simulation of the mechanical behavior of engineering structures, mechanisms and components.  It presents a set of strategies and tools for formulating the mathematical equations and the methods of solving them using MATLAB. For the same mechanical systems, it also shows how to obtain solutions using a different approaches.  It then compares the results obtained with the two methods. By combining fundamentals of kinematics and dynamics of  mechanisms with applications and different solutions in MATLAB  of  problems related to gears, cams, and multilink mechanisms, and by presenting the concepts in an accessible manner, this book is intended to assist advanced undergraduate and mechanical engineering graduate students in solving various kinds of dynamical problems by using  methods in MATLAB. It also offers a comprehensive, practice-oriented guide to mechanical engineers dealing with kinematics and dynamics of several mechanical systems.